Coated Fabric & Laminate Substrates

Coated Fabric & Laminate Substrates
coated substrates

STERN EWS specializes in fabric substrates used in coating, pre-preg, and laminate applications. We produce woven substrates through unique processes that begin with some of the most advanced materials matched with specialized weaving and finishing practices. Customized finishing of fabrics is key to massaging the fabric properties so that they best suit the application at hand.

Most commonly composed of Nylon, polyester, Nomex, Teflon, and Kevlar fibers, coated fabric substrates enhance coated fabric performance and reliability in a range of applications. You can find coated fabrics supported by STERN EWS's woven substrate fabrics in aircraft fuel cell bladders, de-icing liners, fuel flow control diaphragms, and acoustical panels.


  • A6005

  • A5792

  • A5977

  • A6042

  • A5562

  • A5978

  • 15199

  • 15872

  • 16130

  • 16236

  • 15035

  • 15205

  • HT1

  • HT5

  • HT16

  • HT48

  • HT29

Woven fabric substrates intended for use in coated or laminated fabrics are tailored to rigorous specifications that could not otherwise be achieved in the coating process using commodity woven or knit fabrics. Specialization capabilities in the creation of coated fabric substrates add greater dependability and overall longevity to the final application.


To specify the coated fabrics you require, simply contact us with your end application details, physical performance parameters, width limitations, and volume requirements. As STERN EWS continues to stress quality over quantity, we focus on small volumes of fabrics and the precise weaving and finishing processes that result in your exact specifications. Contact us to learn more.


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