ChemStat 939

ChemStat™ 939
ChemStat™ 939
ChemStat™ 939
ChemStat™ 939
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Distinguished by suffix E or G, ChemStat™ 939 Plus is a series of two chemically distinguishable, elastomeric materials each molded into a sole to which a bootie upper can be sewn. They are uniquely light, tough, and attractive. Their molded shape offers a sophisticated profile that improves flexibility and durability. Each compound is remarkably resistant to chemicals, slipping, and scuffing. In either chemical grade, ChemStat™ 939 Plus soles are available in 6 sizes to accommodate ladies' size 3 through men's size 15 (European 37 to 51).

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For most cleanroom applications, the ChemStat™ 939E Plus sole is the sole of choice. ChemStat™ 939E Plus soles are static dissipative and are used customarily in electronics cleanrooms. They offer high durability, wearer comfort, and slip-resistance. For quality control purposes, ChemStat™ 939E Plus soles are colored medium gray and are stamped with the identifier ChemStat™ 939E.

Note: ChemStat™ 939E Plus soles offer very limited protection against exposure to gamma radiation. If subjected to gamma radiation, ChemStat™ 939E Plus soles will quickly harden and crack.

Note: For steam sterilization, ChemStat™ 939E Plus soles must be laid flat to avoid deformation.

ChemStat™ 939G Plus soles offer gamma radiation compatibility, as well as static dissipation, wearer comfort, and slip-resistance. They should be used only in sterile environments with a laundry protocol requiring gamma sterilization. Owing to their softer composition, ChemStat™ 939G Plus soles should be used in cleanrooms with smooth tile floors, not raised grid floors or floors characterized by gratings or similarly abrasive conditions. For quality control purposes, ChemStat™ 939G Plus soles are cream-colored and are stamped with the identifier ChemStat™ 939G.

Note: The abrasion resistance of ChemStat™ 939G Plus soles is 1/3 that of ChemStat 939E Plus soles, based on Taber Abrasion testing using an H18 wheel. Therefore under similar conditions of wear and absent gamma sterilization, ChemStat™ 939E Plus soles will generally last about 3 times longer than ChemStat 939G Plus soles.

Note: For steam sterilization, ChemStat™ 939G Plus soles must be laid flat to avoid deformation.

The heel and toe areas of all ChemStat™ 939 soles are reinforced to resist premature wear. Raised bumps on the exterior of bottom of the sole reduce hydrodynamic slippage when fluids are present on tile or perforated floors.

The longevity of either type of ChemStat™ 939 Plus sole is determined by many factors, including but not limited to chemical exposure, cleaning and sterilization method, floor surface texture, sewing method, and frequency of wear. It is the responsibility of the cleanroom laundry and cleanroom operator to determine suitability for use of either compound in the selection of ChemStat™ 939 Plus soles. Because of the varied conditions found in electronics and sterile cleanrooms, no warranty is expressed or implied for the life of ChemStat™ 939 Plus soles beyond what is listed under Limited Product Warranty. Historically, ChemStat™ 939E Plus soles have met or exceeded the requirements of all standard 3-year cleanroom laundry contracts.

Note: Direct or indirect chemical exposure in the cleanroom or laundry process may cause ChemStat™ 939 Plus soles to vary +/- 1/2 size differential over the life of the bootie.

For added bootie durability, ChemStat™ 939T Plus is available. It is a mid-weight, high strength polyester fabric with a ¼” conductive grid used to reinforce the interface between the lightweight upper fabric and the much heavier ChemStat™ 939 Plus sole.

ChemStat™ 939 Plus Soles, MSDS

ChemStat™ 939 Plus Soles do not require Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) because they are “articles” within the meaning of 29 C.F.R. 1910.1200 (c). They are formed to a specific shape or design during manufacture, have an end-use dependent on their shape or design, and do not release or otherwise result in exposure to hazardous chemicals under normal conditions of use.

ChemStat™ 939 Plus Soles, RoHSNVEEE Directives

Stern EWS has determined from supplier disclosure that heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, and polybrominated biphenyls, and polybrominated diphenyl ethers are not used as ingredients in the production of ChemStat™ 939 Plus soles. Therefore, we are confident that the levels of restricted materials are below the limits established by RoHS Directive on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (2011/65/EU) and WEEE Directive on waste electrical and electronic equipment (2012/19/EU).

The ingredient information is based on our supplier's disclosure information. Stern EWS has not performed any testing to determine if the products are free from banned substances. Since conditions of use are outside of our control, we make no warranties and assume no liability in connection with any use of this information.

Technical Data

Content Custom nitrile rubber
Voltage Decay Time (Fed Std 101C Method 4046) 0.05 sec
Foot to Ground Resistance 108 ohm
Effective Surface Resistivity (EOS/ESD S11.11)  108-109 ohms/sq
Flame Retardance (NASA NHB 8060.1B) Class 1
Taber Abrasion (H18 wheel)
ChemStat™ 939E Plus, ChemStat™ 939G Plus
Initial Modulus (ASTM D 412)
ChemStat™ 939E Plus, ChemStat™ 939G Plus
50 lbs.
100 lbs.
Durometer, Shore A (ASTM D 2240) 62
Static Coefficient of Friction (ASTM F 489) 0.44
Laundry Compatibility DI water, perchlorethylene, Freon  See Laundry Guides
Sterilization Compatibility Steam autoclave*
Gamma radiation**
 See Laundry Guides
Dimensional Stability  See Laundry Guides

* Use caution to lay flat to avoid deformation.
** ChemStat™ 939G, 150 Mrad

ChemStat™ Antistatic Fabrics

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