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Two centuries ago, we began as a custom silk weaver for high-end apparel. In 1936, the company collaborated with E. I. DuPont de Nemours & Company in that company's development of Nylon and synthetic rubber (Neoprene).

The work with DuPont resulted in novel weave designs and finishing techniques that allowed nylon to replace silk and allowed neoprene to displace natural rubber in almost every industrial application. Those early designs and finishing techniques are the basis of what is used today.

Over the years, the company learned the intricacies of process control to achieve unique fabric performance.

The company also learned that custom materials with long lead times must be delivered on-time and to specification if they are to be relied upon for critical industrial applications. We maintain a long-established reputation for near 100% on-time production to tight specification.

We now manufacture and sell industrial fabrics primarily composed of nylon, polyester, Teflon, Nomex, fiberglass, and Kevlar fibers. We also market custom-molded soles for the cleanroom industry. The markets served cover virtually every industrial market segment.

We remain good at what we do.


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