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Weaving Equipment

For the majority of our work, we employ rigid rapier looms with positive transfer, up to 4m in width.

Airjet looms are available for weaving the lightest weight fabrics.

Finishing Processes & Equipment

We use reiterative processing techniques to coax the most out of a fabric's potential.

We employ a full assembly of equipment to customize the finishing process, including

  • Scouring jigs for surface cleaning and chemical add-ons such as soil and water resistant finishes
  • Heat Setting equipment for shrinking and stabilizing thermoplastic fibers such as nylon, polyester, Nomex meta-aramid, and Teflon PTFE
  • Clip Tenter frames, linear ovens that heat stabilize the fabric with width control.
  • High Tonnage Calendering for imparting final properties to a fabric, such as gauge, permeability, visual appearance, or surface texture.

Finished widths are typically available from 30” to 74”.


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