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ChemStat 929 Plus

Transparent Facemask Fabric (Reusable Nosebridge)

ChemStat 929 Plus is designed to prevent your most important equipment from overheating – your people.

ChemStat 929 Plus is a transparent face mask material so sheer workers can read lips through it. Facial features are easily recognized. The pressure differential is zero, so that speaking and hearing are unimpaired. Noxious elements of a worker’s breath that would cause discomfort over long periods are not retained. Even with a micron rating lower than that of a facial hair or skin flake, it lets people breathe freely.

Like other ChemStat fabrics, ChemStat 929 Plus is 100% polyester and is therefore universally laundered and sterilized, including gamma radiation.

The upgrade to ChemStat 929 Plus incorporates a 45% reduction in pore size for greater filtration effectiveness.

The ChemStat 929 Plus upgrade is accompanied by a reusable nosebridge, designated as ChemStat 929NB. The laminated metallic strip rests inside the top seam of a face mask, allowing it to conform to any nose shape. It magically returns to its original straight configuration when laundered. Even more magically, it reduces particle counts by as much as 65%.


Technical Data

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plain weave

Weight (ASTM D 3776)

0.5 oz/yd2 (50 g/m2)

Yarn Content

100% filament polyester

Flame Retardance

exceeds minimum requirements

Durability (ASTM D 4157) 15,000 cycles

no noticeable wear

Permeability (ASTM D 737)

350 cfm (1070 L/dm2/min)

Mean Pore Size (ASTM F 902)

20 microns

Chemical Resistance

same as ChemStat 909 Plus Series

Laundry Compatibility

DI water, perchlorethylene, Freon TF

Sterilization Compatibility

steam autoclave
gamma radiation (250 Mrad)

Optical Rating (ASTM E 284)


Vapor Absorption


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