We produce woven industrial fabrics to your specification, on time.


Woven Fabrics from Stern & Stern

As a custom manufacturer of sophisticated industrial fabrics, Stern & Stern has become the primary resource for some of the most trusted and advanced woven fabrics ever developed, from thermal protection and diaphragm fabrics to acoustical panel and bearing fabrics.

Our woven fabric creation process begins with pattern development based on an extensive library of current and past designs. It continues with the incorporation of advanced materials such as Nomex and Teflon fibers. The design is executed with highly specialized manufacturing techniques, yarn treatments, flexible weaving equipment, and exhaustive finishing and testing practices. The result is an extremely refined, custom-developed material that countless industries have come to rely on for safety, quality and longevity in their products.

Stern & Stern’s custom woven fabrics and fabric substrates have been used for a range of applications, including protective apparel, industrial filters, aircraft cargo barriers, and self-lubricating bearings made of Teflon fiber. The broad range of applications is primarily due to the longevity of the firm, and its reputation to perform on time, every time. Our practices enable us to create woven fabrics as varied as our clients, and enables us to deliver a resulting quality which cannot be achieved using cheap, mass –produced commodity fabrics. Color, permeability, stiffness, thickness, strength, opacity, and elasticity can all be customized according to your specifics.

In addition to producing, customizing and refining woven fabrics, Stern & Stern provides a range of services such as calendaring, heatsetting, scouring and dyeing, furthering our ability to provide you with the exact woven fabrics you require. Simply contact us with your application details, parameters of use, width limitations and volume expectations, as well as any other specifications, and Stern & Stern will promptly address your needs.


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