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Protection Fabrics from Stern & Stern

With woven fabrics made of high quality polyester, Nomex , and Teflon fibers, people, products, processes, and work spaces are protected against some of the most corrosive, hazardous, and damaging conditions. The protective apparel fabrics protect wearers against extreme temperatures, chemicals and harmful substances, as well as common dirt, grime, grease, and contamination risks that are faced in a variety of environments and settings. The protective fabrics we develop are also extremely useful elements in industrial, aerospace, and manufacturing process designs.

Stern & Stern provides specialty protection fabrics regularly used in electronic and pharmaceutical cleanrooms, metal foundries, industrial paint shops, and in space shuttle launches and recoveries. Protection fabrics are commonly used to create inner layers in firefighter and outerspace suits, as well as any setting subject to extreme heat or cold or exposure to harmful substances. Virtually any type of protection fabric can be developed thanks to Stern & Sterns extensive capabilities in the development of apparel fabrics composed of nylon, Nomex, and Teflon fibers. Our complex fabric treatments, specialized weaving, and finishing capabilities ensure a long lasting, effective, and reliable protection fabric. Just a few of the reputable fabrics we carry or performance standards that we address include:

  • ChemStat 919
  • Chemstat 16
  • Chemstat 487
  • Arc Flash Protection Fabrics
  • OSHA Regulation 1910.269 Fabrics
  • NFPA 70E
  • ASTM 1506
  • ASTM F1959-99

Our focus on quality of process, rather than speed and quantity of manufacturing, allows us to develop fabrics that can be specialized at multiple development points for varying purposes. Based upon the unique resistance specifics and application details, Stern & Stern can provide you with protective apparel fabrics suited to your precise requirements, including a variety of ChemStat fabrics and other products.

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