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Diaphragm Fabrics from Stern & Stern

Diaphragm fabrics can be found as coated or compression molded substrates in some of the most advanced automotive and aircraft engines applications. Composed from high quality polyester and Nomex fibers, and specialized through our precision weaving and finishing processes, diaphragm fabrics are created around strict reinforcement specifications.

Like our thermal protection fabrics, diaphragm fabrics are some of the most stable materials available; recognized for their heat resistance, strength, elastomeric surface stability, elastomeric diaphragm reinforcement and dynamic response for proper metering of fluids. In high temperature applications, diaphragm substrate fabrics can be designed not to melt or lose required strength. For extremely low temperature applications, diaphragm fabrics can be designed to help retain strength and flexibility.

Just a few of the diaphragm fabrics we regularly supply include:

  • HT92
  • HT90
  • 16221
  • HT318
  • 15923
  • 15942
  • 16240
  • HT5
  • 15949
  • 16244
  • 16241
  • 16247
  • 15205
  • HT80
  • A5781
  • A5806
  • HT506
  • HT510

Thanks to our diverse supply of Nomex and polyester, Stern & Stern can create diaphragm fabrics in hundreds of different variations; custom composed to best suit your application. To begin the custom development process, or to inquire on any of our other fabrics, practices and services, contact us directly. Fabrics can also be searched through our catalog.


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