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Cleanroom Fabrics from Stern & Stern

Intended to ensure sterilized, safe, static free and otherwise immaculate conditions, cleanroom products from Stern & Stern are composed of precision processed polyester, Nomex, and rubber. We have developed and modified some of the most widely used cleanroom and protection fabrics, including ChemStat fabrics.

Cleanroom fabrics are used to create a variety of products designed to protect operations, spaces and people from many cleanroom processes. These fabrics are also found in filtration systems, automotive and industrial paint shops, printing blankets, and fencing vests.

As these fabrics have such highly specific purposes and precise demands, Stern & Stern modifies and specializes the fabrics throughout the manufacturing processes. From pattern development and yarn preparation through to weaving, dyeing, finishing and testing, cleanroom fabrics are created with your unique application needs as our focus. We strive to create fabrics that are not only durable and long lasting, but also provide comfortable wearability.

Our featured cleanroom fabrics include:

  • ChemStat 909A
  • ChemStat 929
  • ChemStat 939
  • ChemStat 487
  • ChemStat 16

Stern & Stern also creates secure soles designed especially for cleanroom outfitting. Created through a specialized injection molding process, cleanroom soils are slip resistant, static dissipative and gamma compatible.

To specify the cleanroom fabrics you require, contact us with your volume, color, size, and delivery rate requirements. You can also browse our catalog to search by fabric, or visit our ChemStat Cleanroom Productions section for more information on antistatic fabrics, rubber soles and laundering recommendations.


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