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ChemStat Fabrics from Stern & Stern

ChemStat fabrics are a primary offering of Stern & Stern. As a specialty protection fabric, ChemStat products offer some of the most reliable cleanroom fabrics, protective apparel materials, slip-resistant boot soles and work-space protection materials.

Created from polyester, Nomex, and rubber, ChemStat products provide superior performance. Stern & Stern ensures reliability from the very start with precise yarn preparation, warping, weaving, and dyeing, right through to inspection and testing. ChemStat fabrics are noted for their patented raised grid of carbon static-dissipative yarn; the grid reduces the amount of carbon yarn required in the fabric, and thus redeuces the amount of portential contamination from the fabric itself. The extensive c process ensures a quality suitable for a wide range of applications, including cleanroom filters, fencing vests, printing blankets, and automotive paint shops coveralls. In addition to longevity and reliability, comfort and security is ensured for the wearer. ChemStat soles are produced through injection molding for a flexible, secure custom fit.

Stern & Stern regularly supplies the following ChemStat products in addition to our other specialty woven fabrics:

  • ChemStat 909A
  • ChemStat 929
  • ChemStat 939
  • ChemStat 487

To specify the ChemStat products you require, view our catalog or contact us directly with your preferred volume, sizes, color and delivery rate. Stern & Stern is eager to answer all your questions on our many specialty fabrics and finishing services.


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