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Acoustical Panel Fabrics from Stern & Stern

Created from a specialized process of weaving and laminating Nomex fibers, acoustical panel fabrics serve as a reliable solution for sound absorption and reflection, as well as fire protection and flame retardance in public spaces.

Stern and Stern’s acoustical panels can be found in many concert halls, music auditoriums, and theatres. Selecting the proper acoustical panel fabric can greatly affect the quality and flow of sound within a setting. Based upon the sound absorption and reflection features required, Stern & Stern can custom tailor acoustical panel fabrics with varying laminations and air permeability variations. Utilizing acoustical panels is a highly economical and resourceful means of affecting sound quality in auditoriums. Several colors are available to suit the overall décor.

Our acoustical panel fabrics include HT90 and HT67 fabrics, which can be viewed through our catalog, along with a variety of other precision developed fabrics such as cleanroom fabrics and thermal protection fabrics.

To specify the acoustic panel fabric you require, contact us with your fabric weight, permeability, width, volume, and other physical requirements. You can contact us directly with any questions on our fabrics, capabilities and services.


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