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Bearing Fabrics from Stern & Stern

Like our specialty coated fabrics and cleanroom fabrics, bearing fabrics are created from high quality Teflon, Nomex, and polyester fibers that are treated in specialized processes to ensure exacting performance for unique applications. Based upon your unique requirement, the process starts in pattern development and is executed in yarn preparation, warping, weaving, scouring and finishing processes. Quality is ensured through highly detailed inspection and test phases.

Bearing fabrics address unique design issues, such as zero stick-slip, high compression and/or temperature resistance, self-lubrication, coefficient of fiction limitations, and other features. Stern & Stern’s bearing fabrics can often be found in applications including jet engine bearings, seismic protection bearings, spherical bearings, journal bearings and linear isolation bearings. Customizable options, from yarn content and thickness to friction coefficient and strength, make Stern & Stern’s bearing fabrics highly versatile. Based on the coefficient of friction and environmental protection requirements, nearly any fiber or fiber combination can be used to create this material.

Just a few of the bearing fabrics we supply include:

  • T114
  • T27
  • T83
  • 16245
  • 15678

To specify, simply contact us with your application details, preferred yarn content, width, volume, and delivery specifics. You can also browse our fabric and materials catalog. Stern & Stern is eager to answer any question regarding our fabrics, capabilities and precision services.


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